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ANNOUNCEMENT: Where the Beautiful Things Are is now available for Preorder! 

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   In the ‘profound’ entirety of this period, I have met amazing people, made some good friends, tried new foods, wandered into all sorts of situations, indulged in new experiences and even fell in love. In converse, there was also a near fatal car accident, the pandemic, multiple injuries, copious close calls, extreme fatigue, a battle with PTSD, burn out, falling out of love and even the passing of a loved one. There were many points, especially in the last year, where it appeared this stint of travel with all its destinations and objectives would not be completed. Nothing short of determination, sacrifice, and will allotted for this odyssey to be finished in its entirety and for this photo book to at last come to fruition. Through it all, I came to form my own definition of beauty and to recognize where beauty exists—not just in the grand and beautiful moments, or even in the hardships, heartbreak and challenge, but within myself as well. 


   All together in its sum, this is a piece of myself and my life I’ve decided to share. It is my hope that there will be something every reader and viewer can take from this work aside from the broad array of photos collected together. As of today, I am just sharing the cover and the link to my client based website where the option to preorder is now available. The official date for release is 12/31/24, but as with stock out and supply issues with my printer for my fine art website, the same may cause this work to be delayed by a week or two. As well, you can also expect to see this book released through other channels in the near future. Regardless, I would like to end this announcement on a positive note with one more detail to share. While this is my first photo book I am releasing, it will not be my last. With so many more photos, things I have learned, and more than 100,000 raw files to be sorted/ and or edited from my travels, more photo books will be bound to come in the future. So, stay tuned for them as well!

   I can’t believe things are finally in position as they need to for me to share this news with everyone. As of today, I am so beyond proud to announce after seven years since I published my last novel I am releasing my first work within non-fiction, my first photo book- Where the Beautiful Things are. In my time as a creative, I have written many manuscripts and taken countless photos, but none of my prior works or undertakings has meant nearly as much to me as this work.  More than a hundred thousand miles traversed between two personal cars, eight rentals, fourteen flights, and more than a thousand days, this work is the culmination of three years of traveling the United States and Canada on my wayward odyssey as a photographer.


   Within its pages, this book contains more than just some of my favorite photos I captured. Rather, in tandem with the photos, Where the Beautiful Things Are is also the story of the life I lived along the way in all its highs and lows, and what I learned along the way in my tales by light. More than anything else, as the name entails, what I came to learn is all the ways big and small in which beauty exists in the world. While profound is a term is usually used to characterize positive events, it also likewise applies to events of hardship and challenge. This period of my life, as great as it was, filled with so many spectacular moments and so many great memories, also harbored the hardest and most trialing of my life. Who I am now is not the same person as I was when I began my travels. 

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