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Shot of the Year- 2019

In its entirety, 2019 was the most eventful year for myself as a photographer that I’ve ever surmised. A lot changed, from my kit becoming a blend of mirrorless and DSLR equipment unto the way my shooting style evolved and all the new places I got to travel and see. So it goes without saying that naturally, I have a lot of shots from 2019 that I’m very happy with. However, when it came to the question of what photo was my favorite, I knew what one it was right away without hesitation, my panoramic shot of Moraine Like in Banff, Canada.

Long ago, I saw a video of someone at Moraine Lake in the middle of summer. They’d been caught up in a surprise storm and a considerable amount of snowfall had already started to build up by the time they started recording. At once though when I saw the video, I was amazed by the beauty of the lake and the surroundings, all of which seemed to out of this world. I ended up finding the name of the lake in the comments section of the video and I knew then that at some point some day I would go to Moraine Lake.

My opportunity finally arose this fall in early October, just hours after the first snowfall of winter in Banff. In fact, it was actually on my birthday that sumitted the lake and finally experienced its beauty. Beyond the beauty, it was a particularly special experience for me because I was lucky enough to be able to make it up several more times before they closed down the road to the lake and it was my second to last trip that alotted for the conditions that allowed me to take the this particular panoramic of Moraine Lake, just after sunset.

Now, as 2020 begins, many adventures lay await ahead and time will tell what will turn out to be my favorite shot of the year. Until then, I’ll continue to admire this shot, remember the time I was there when I took it, and look forward to when I get to see Moraine Lake again in the spring.

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